Interactions are things like saving that a person has given their email or phone number, and will affect whether or not we show them certain things. Use this button to clear all saved interactions for your browser.

Saved emails are intrinsically linked to email interactions, so this also removes saved emails (locally, doesn't affect the Klaviyo list).

Mail/Text Modal Wait Time

The Mail/Text modal for collecting email/sms won't show again for a while (24 hrs at this writing) after you see it in order to not spam you. This clears that so you'll see it next page view.


This clears the website's saved discount for this browser (i.e. one that was added via ?discount=DISCOUNTNAME at the end of a URL).

REMEMBER that with discount cleared if you visit the cart it will automatically add WELCOME20 if there is still an email interaction present!


This clears the website's saved referral data for this browser (i.e. data stored from ?ref=referralId).

Does not clear anything in databases, just clears the browser's stored status as a referred user


This clears the website's saved locale (language) data for this browser.

No Track

If this browser has been notrack'ed then you can remove that by pressing this button.

Please make sure to add it back as soon as possible here.