Butch is 73 years old, but I bet you thought he was 50!

Be like Butch and turn back time with our hydrating facial serum.

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Skin age is the way your skin looks and
feels, as compared to your actual age.

  • William
  • Actual age: 73
  • vs.
  • Skin age: 56
  • Michael
  • Actual age: 58
  • vs.
  • Skin age: 47

Krete can help reduce:
wrinkles & fine lines,
dry skin

Formulated for Men

Men have oilier skin:
Krete is oil free

Men have thicker skin:
Krete penetrates skin more than
regular moisturizers

Men have less acidic skin:
Krete balances higher pH levels


Takes less than
30‑seconds to use.

What can we help you with?

Dry Skin
Signs of Aging

KJ uses Krete every morning.

KJ grew up in Mississippi, but moved to LA to chase the Hollywood dream. His dry skin made auditions and shoots stressful, but Krete helped his skin look and feel incredibly smooth after just one 30-second application! Now he’s more confident on stage and in front of the camera!

Kerry uses Krete every night before going to sleep.

Kerry, from Pennsylvania, used Krete to get rid of redness. After only about two weeks his redness was almost completely gone, and he looks and feels younger!

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How the $6
30-Day Trial Works

Get a 30-day supply for only $39 $6 with free shipping!
Once it arrives, you're only 30 seconds away from fighting wrinkles, redness, and fine lines.
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Here is why Krete is right for you:

95 %
of men say they feel more confident with better skin
95 %
of men and women report more hydrated skin after using hyaluronic acid
93 %
of reviewers give Krete 5 stars

Cost Per Serum: with Apple Stem Cell Extract**

Other Serums*

Other serums use fancier bottles, but cheaper ingredients... and they hope you won't notice.

*We took the price of 8 different serums with Apple Stem Cell Extract at the time the graphic was created (March 2022), and averaged them. **Prices listed are in USD.

We picked our ingredients for a reason


Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most powerful hydrating ingredients in the world because it can hold 500-1000 times its molecular weight in water.

It occurs naturally in your body, but can decline as much as 50% as you get older. Replenish what you lose and keep your skin smooth, hydrated and protected with Krete.

Apple Stem
Cell Extract

Apple Stem Cell Extract is a unique ingredient from Switzerland that is known to help fight the appearance of aging, wrinkles, and redness.

Because of its incredible potency and effectiveness, it costs $4,000 per kg! That's why our competitors either don't use it, or charge twice as much as we do for their serums.


Take 5-10 Minutes


Krete's 1
Product Routine

Takes 30 Seconds

Getting Krete delivered every month makes my life easier!

~ Richard B.