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Our Formulas

Do you know what’s in your skin care products?

Far too many skin care companies use cheap and sometimes harmful ingredients that either don’t work or leave your face looking like a science experiment gone wrong.

All Krete products are formulated with effective ingredients that actually help your skin. We never use fillers or damaging chemicals just to save a few bucks.

Too many skin care brands use cheap and harmful ingredients that either don't work, or leave your face looking like a science experiment gone wrong.

We use:

  • Cutting-edge formulations
  • Powerful, effective ingredients

We never use:

  • Damaging ingredients like
    parabens or phthalates
  • Cheap fillers

Every Krete Product

  • 30 Seconds to Use
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  • Vegan
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  • Oil Free
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  • Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free
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  • For all Skin Types
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  • Anti-Aging
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  • Formulated and filled in the USA
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  • Recyclable Packaging
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  • Cutting Edge Ingredients
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  • Visible Results
    After 1 month of using Krete’s product
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Real Results

Real Results

Only 30 seconds between photos. No filters.

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Before Krete serum usage: man with dry skin on his face. Before
After Krete serum usage: dry skin is gone! After
KJ From Los Angeles * Results may vary

What Is 30-Second Skin Care?

What Is 30-Second Skin Care?

We believe your skin care routine should take 30 seconds, not 30 minutes.

Every Krete product is formulated to deliver noticeable results right away.

Our Products

Simple, Effective Skin Care For Men

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You deserve to feel this confident!

You deserve to feel confident!

You have questions...
We have answers!

  1. All of our products take just 30 seconds to use. Most of them show visible results in 30 seconds or less, and most take less than 30 seconds to understand.

  2. Krete products work for everyone, but we have focused our messaging and education to help men start from square 1 when it comes to skin care. Men need a kick in the ass to get started because of decades of culture that excluded them from the conversation. Until now, it was easier to do nothing than to walk into a skin care store and pick the correct product out of the selection of hundreds to thousands.

    We offer simple products, with even simpler explanations. No extra equipment, no confusing terms, etc. It turns out that many men AND women want this.

    30-second skin care is for everyone who has skin!

  3. Dude, it’s your face! Everyone looks at your face all the time…on video calls, in person, or on your social media posts, it is where people’s eyes go to first. If you take 30-seconds for better skin, you will look better ALL DAY!

  4. Krete products are all made in California, USA. Our products are made in house by our internal team of formulators and chemists. We control it A-Z so the quality control is unmatched!


    Yes, every Krete product 100% Vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified for cruelty free formulas and production. We pass the commonly accepted standard for “Clean Formulas” according to large retailers and manufactures in the skin care industry.

  6. Almost all of our packaging is recyclable, our box manufacturer uses a wind powered factory, and we have a very low carbon footprint because we provide "30-Second Returns" and we manufacture everything within a few miles, reducing transportation waste.

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